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  • SOP (TV program)


    SOP is a Philippine television variety show broadcast by GMA Network. It premiered on February 2, 1997 replacing GMA Supershow. The show concluded on February 28, 2010 with a total of 672 episodes. It was replaced by Party Pilipinas in its timeslot. The show title stands for "Sobrang Okey, Pare". The title was coined by a group of GMA executives (led by Wilma Galvante) in early 1997.

  • Tunay na Buhay


    Tunay na Buhay () is a Philippine television documentary show broadcast by GMA Network. Hosted by Rhea Santos, it premiered on January 21, 2011 replacing OFW Diaries.

  • Pinoy M.D.


    Pinoy M.D. is a Philippine television informative show broadcast by GMA Network. Hosted by Connie Sison, David Ampil II and Raul Quillamor, it premiered on June 12, 2010.

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