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  • Toyota Coaster


    The Toyota Coaster is a single-decker minibus produced by Toyota Motor Corporation. It was introduced in 1969, with the second generation introduced in 1982, followed by the third generation in 1993 and the fourth generation in late 2016. The third generation Coaster received a facelift in 2001, and again in 2007. In Japan, the Coaster is sold exclusively at Toyota Store dealerships. Since 1996, the Toyota Coaster is also sold under the name Hino Liesse II. The Coaster is produced in Japan at Kariya, Aichi (Yoshiwara plant). A number of unlicensed clones of third generation Coasters have been made in China, including Jiangnan Motors' JNQ5041/JNQ6601, Joylong Motors' HKL6700, Golden Dragon's XML6700 and Sunlong Bus' SLK6770. The fourth generation Toyota Coaster was unveiled on 22 December 2016 and was made available for purchase in Japan on 23 January 2017.

  • Bedford Vehicles


    Bedford Vehicles, usually shortened to just Bedford, was a brand of vehicle manufactured by Vauxhall Motors, which was ultimately owned by General Motors (GM). Established in April 1931 and constructing commercial vehicles, Bedford Vehicles was a leading international lorry brand, with substantial export sales of light, medium, and heavy lorries throughout the world. It was General Motors Europe's most profitable venture for several years. Bedford's core heavy trucks business was divested by GM as AWD Trucks in 1987, whilst the Bedford brand continued to be used on light commercial vehicles and car-derived vans based on Vauxhall/Opel, Isuzu and Suzuki designs. The brand was retired in 1991; subsequent GM Europe light commercials were branded as either Vauxhall or Opel, depending on the market.

  • Minibus


    Cacciamali Urby (built on Iveco Daily chassis) operating in Zagreb, Croatia Citroen Jumper minibus Toyota LPG Coaster green public minibus in Hong KongA minibus, microbus, or minicoach is a passenger carrying motor vehicle that is designed to carry more people than a multi-purpose vehicle or minivan, but fewer people than a full-size bus. In the United Kingdom, the word "minibus" is used to describe any full-sized passenger carrying van. Minibuses have a seating capacity of between 8 and 30 seats. Larger minibuses may be called midibuses. Minibuses are typically front-engined step-entrance vehicles, although low floor minibuses do exist.

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