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  • Police vehicles in the United States and Canada


    A Ford Crown Victoria police car in service with the United States Capitol Police, 2012. A Chevrolet Suburban in service with the Toronto Police Service Emergency Task Force, 2008. A Communications Division Command Post vehicle in service with the New York City Police Department.Police vehicles in the United States and Canada are made by several maufacturers and are available in three broad vehicle types: Police Pursuit Vehicles (PPV) are the most common police cars and are equipped to handle the vast majority of tasks including pursuit and high-speed response calls Special Service Vehicles (SSV) and Special Service Package (SSP) are specialized vehicles, such as SUVs and sports cars, and are generally heavier-duty vehicles that may come with specialized option packages that can be used for specific tasks, but are typically not recommended by the manufacturer for use as pursuit vehicles.

  • Bruce Lietzke


    Bruce Alan Lietzke (July 18, 1951 – July 28, 2018) was an American professional golfer who won 13 tournaments on the PGA Tour between 1977 and 1994, including two victories in the Canadian Open. His best finish in a major championship was at the 1991 PGA Championship where he finished second, three strokes behind John Daly. He had seven victories on the Champions Tour, including one senior major title, the 2003 U.S. Senior Open. He played in the 1981 Ryder Cup.

  • Dallas Car Sharks


    Dallas Car Sharks is an automotive reality show currently airing on Motor Trend that takes place in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex. It documents four competing car dealers (JD Cole, Martha Davis, Ash Rabah, and Tommy Spagnola) as they buy used cars at auction, refurbish them, and then attempt to flip (sell) them for a profit. Martha Davis and JD Cole are mother and son, and although they share a garage, their businesses are separate. The series, which premiered July 22, 2013, is produced by AMS Pictures, with Andy Streitfeld as its executive producer and Randy Martin as its senior producer. In August 2013, Discovery Communications senior vice president Robert Scanlon was promoted to general manager of Velocity, a network that he had helped to grow to No. 46 in the males aged 25–54 demographic with original shows such as Dallas Car Sharks, Fantomworks, and What's in the Barn? Scanlon also helped the network to move up 22 slots and out-deliver competing networks that had larger numbers of subscribers, such as NBA TV, MLB Network, and Golf Channel. In March 2014, Discovery Communications announced that Dallas Car Sharks would return for its second season on April 2, 2014.

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