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  • Honda CMX250C


    The Honda CMX250, or Rebel 250, is a cruiser-style motorcycle made by Honda on and off since 1985. It uses the same straight-twin engine as the Honda Nighthawk 250 standard. The Rebel is part of the CM series of cruisers. It is commonly used in the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's certified rider-training courses. The Rebel's fuel consumption averages , with refills needed at around . The 1996 Rebel had the best fuel economy, , of the 352 past and current models tested in the 2010 Motorcycle Consumer News (MCN) Performance Index. By 2012, the 1996 Rebel's fuel economy had been exceeded by several models on the MCN Performance Index, led by the Yamaha Virago 250 at . Its maximum speed is , and time is 11.86 seconds, with a time of 17.86 seconds at . Its wet weight is . It has a single disc brake in the front and a drum in the rear. The only gauge is a speedometer that includes gear recommendations based on speed; there is no tachometer. The transmission is a standard down-1st, up-2nd to 5th 5-speed. The September 1985 issue of Motorcyclist magazine, when the Rebel was first introduced, said, "by targeting the bike to a young audience, such as those who watch MTV, Honda hopes to attract newcomers and expand the motorcycle market ... Honda is not marketing this motorcycle as a woman's bike." According to American Honda, 2016 will be the last model year for the Honda Rebel 250 to be sold there. The entirely new version which is derived from the CBR250R was unveiled at the 2017 Tokyo Motorcycle Show in Japan.

  • Honda Zoomer


    The Zoomer, designation NPS50, is a scooter developed by Honda and introduced in Japan and America in late 2002 for the 2003 model year. In Canada and the USA, the scooter is marketed as the Ruckus. The Zoomer differs from more traditional scooters with its rugged design, including fatter tires with deeper tread and a skeletal frame lacking an enclosed storage compartment. The NPS50 shares similar motor and drivetrain components with the CHF50. The Zoomer sold in European countries features a compact, single point programmed fuel injection (PGMFI) system, consisting of a single fuel injector, a different fuel pump arrangement, and an oxygen sensor fitted just before the exhaust silencer. Honda claims that the Ruckus returns in EPA tests.

  • Police motorcycle


    NYPD Highway Patrol Police motorcycle in Manhattan Yamaha Indonesian Traffic police motorcycle A police motorcycle is a motorcycle used by various police departments. They may be custom designed to meet the requirements unique of a particular use. A police motorcycle is often called a "motor" by police officers in the United States. Similarly, motorcycle units are known as "motor units" and motorcycle officers are known as motor officers. The maneuverability of the motorcycle on crowded streets offer advantages not provided by larger, more traditional police vehicles. The motorcycle's relatively small size allows it to get to accident scenes more quickly when incidents such as traffic collisions slow down access by four-wheel vehicles. Police motorcycles are also used in police funerals, VIP motorcades, and other special events.

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