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  • Sokar (yacht)


    +Sokar Sokar (originally named Jonikal) is a luxury yacht formerly owned by Egyptian businessman Mohamed Al-Fayed, the former owner of Harrods department store in Knightsbridge. The vessel was sold in 2014 after being on the market for many years. She is named after the Egyptian mythology falcon god Sokar. The yacht was designed by naval architect Vincenzo Ruggiero in the late 1980s and built by Codecasa in Italy and launched in 1990. It has a length of making it the 89th largest yacht in the world in 2007. It is equipped with two engines. The yacht has a beam of and a draft of . Al-Fayed has often kept the yacht moored in the harbour of Monaco since the 1990s but it is registered in Bermuda and flies the Flag of Bermuda. In August 1997 Mohamed's son Dodi Fayed and Diana, Princess of Wales were extensively photographed on the yacht shortly before their deaths in Paris. Yachting Partners International have attempted to buy the yacht on numerous occasions, offering $32 million and $30 million for the yacht in 2005. In 2001 Al-Fayed had also attempted to sell the yacht for a reported $40 million. After years on the market and numerous price reductions, she was finally sold in 2014 to an unknown buyer for under $13 million.

  • Phocea (yacht)


    Phocea at anchorEnigma (formerly Phocea) is a sailing yacht that was built at Toulon, France by DCAN in 1976. She is 246 feet long (75 meters) and can cruise at 11 knots under sail with the right weather. Like many yachts, she has undergone a number of refits and a major one was in 2000 in Germany. As a sailing yacht, she can handle 12 guests supported by a crew of 16 sailors. Enigma is a schooner with four masts. Phocea was originally built for speed, and she cross the Atlantic in 8 days and achieved speeds of 30 knots under sail. The yacht has also been converted more for luxury and used on the charter market. The Phocea was the World's largest sailing yacht before the 2004 launching of Athena by Royal Huisman. She was built at the Toulon Naval Dockyard in 1976 for renowned single-handed yachtsman Alain Colas, who named her Club Méditerranée. She was converted to charter and renamed La Vie Claire with a new Jorg Biederbeck interior design and a new Tim Heywood exterior design. Shortly after competing in the Observer Single-Handed Trans-Atlantic Race she was converted into the charter yacht Club Méditerranée.

  • Dublin Bay 24


    The Dublin Bay 24 footer yacht is a one-design wooden sailing boat designed for sailing in Dublin Bay. It was designed in the mid-1930s, under a commission from a group of Dublin Bay owners, members of the Royal Alfred Yacht Club, yacht designer Alfred Mylne produced the largest one-design yacht in Europe. The classic lines prompted one owner to declare it a ”six-metre with a proper amount of beam” and the sea-keeping qualities, particularly downwind in heavy conditions were much admired. Although used now as dayboats, some of them have raced and cruised offshore in the past, including Fastnet Races, the Northwest coast of Norway & throughout Scotland. Built at the Isle of Bute, their building was disturbed by the war so the first boat was not delivered until 1946. Eventually eight hulls were constructed and seven of them raced for many years in Dublin Bay. List of Boats and their sail numbers: Fenestra Vandra (lost) Euphanzel Zephyra Adastra Harmony Periwinkle ArandoraThe original five were Euphanzel, Fenestra, Vandra, Zephra and Adastra. These were later joined by Harmony and Arandora. Periwinkle stayed in Scotland.

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