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  • Cushman (company)


    1954 Cushman Truckster Model 782 on display at the California Automobile Museum Cushman Truckster Cushman Mailster, 1955Cushman is a manufacturer of industrial, personal, and custom vehicles. It is currently based in Augusta, Georgia, United States, and is owned by Textron.

  • J.B. Van Sciver Co.


    The J.B. Van Sciver Co. building at 10th and Hamilton Street, Allentown, Pennsylvania about 1940J.B. Van Sciver Furniture Co. was a furniture company in Camden, New Jersey, founded in 1881 by Joseph Bishop Van Sciver and later run by his sons, Joseph Bishop Van Sciver Jr., Lloyd Van Sciver, and Russell Van Sciver. The company also opened stores in Allentown, Pennsylvania and Trenton, New Jersey.

  • Thomas Hutchinson (governor)


    Thomas Hutchinson (9 September 1711 – 3 June 1780) was a businessman, historian, and a prominent Loyalist politician of the Province of Massachusetts Bay in the years before the American Revolution. He has been referred to as "the most important figure on the loyalist side in pre-Revolutionary Massachusetts." He was a successful merchant and politician, and was active at high levels of the Massachusetts government for many years, serving as lieutenant governor and then governor from 1758 to 1774. He was a politically polarizing figure who came to be identified by John Adams and Samuel Adams as a proponent of hated British taxes, despite his initial opposition to Parliamentary tax laws directed at the colonies. He was blamed by Lord North (the British Prime Minister at the time) for being a significant contributor to the tensions that led to the outbreak of the American Revolutionary War. Hutchinson's Boston mansion was ransacked in 1765 during protests against the Stamp Act, damaging his collection of materials on early Massachusetts history.

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