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  • Martin Maier


    Martin Maier (January 20, 1840 – November 9, 1893) was founder and proprietor of Martin Maier Trunk and Bag Company (est. 1865), which specialized in making specialty and sample trunks. His company was one of the largest distributors of luggage and leather goods in the mid-west, based in Detroit at 55 Monroe Avenue, then moved to 102 Woodward Avenue in 1873.

  • Chest (furniture)


    Colonial era, at the Franz Mayer Museum. A chest (also called coffer or kist) is a form of furniture typically of a rectangular structure with four walls and a removable lid, for storage. The interior space may be subdivided. The early uses of an antique chest or coffer included storage of fine cloth, weapons, foods and valuable items. It is a box with a hinged lid that can safeguard your personal items. Some chests are equipped with locking mechanisms or a metal band that a lock can be secured on. In Webster’s Dictionary 1988 version, a chest is defined as a “a box with a lid and often, a lock, for storing or shipping things” or as “a cabinet as for holding medical supplies, toiletries, etc.” A cassone is a kind of carved or painted chest associated with late Medieval and Renaissance Italy. Cassones, also called marriage chests or hope chests, were often used to carry the dowry goods in a marriage ceremony. A simple chest, called a wakis (wagon-kist) was commonly used in the Cape Colony as a seat on a wagon. To make it more usable, it often had a wooden support along the centre of the top so that the seated driver would not slide off so easily. In addition to this use, they were also used for storage at home; keeping clothes, food and other commodities safe. They were frequently made with one or more sides sloping downwards, although the top was always horizontal. Many are made of very good woods, like yellowwood and survived well. Some manufacturers also painted the front of the kist with relatively simply designs reminiscent of, and presumably originating from Europe

  • Trunk (car)


    Ford Model A, in addition to the rumble seat The open trunk in the rear of a Porsche Boxster The trunk (North American English), boot (British English), dickie (Indian English) (also spelled dickey or dicky) or compartment (South-East Asia) of a car is the vehicle's main storage compartment.

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