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  • Volkswagen Corrado


    The Volkswagen Corrado is a compact four passenger (2+2), three door, front engine, front wheel drive liftback coupe marketed by Volkswagen from 1988 to 1995, and manufactured by Karmann in Osnabrück, Germany. Designed by Herbert Schäfer, the Corrado overlapped and eventually superseded Volkswagen's Scirocco model. 97,521 Corrados were manufactured over the seven year production run.

  • VR6 engine


    Schematic 'top view' of a 15° VR6 engineVR6 engines, and the later VR5 variants, are a family of internal combustion engines, characterised by a narrow-angle (10.5° or 15°) V engine configuration. Developed by the Volkswagen Group in the late 1980s, evolutions of these engines are still produced by them. When containing six cylinders, a VR-engine's cylinder block consists of two cylinder banks (left: 1-3-5; right: 2-4-6) while there is only a single cylinder head covering both rows of cylinders.

  • Volkswagen G60 engine


    One of the users of the G60 engine, the Volkswagen Corrado 2-door coupé Volkswagen Golf Mk2 Rallye powered by the G60 engine A rare Volkswagen Golf Mk2 G60 Limited hot hatch - one of only 71 produced The Volkswagen G60 and G40 engines are inline-four cylinder automobile petrol engines, which uses a specific method of forced induction - by way of a scroll-type supercharger. The G60 engine was formerly manufactured by the German automaker Volkswagen Group, and was installed in a limited number and range of 'hot hatch' cars from their Volkswagen Passenger Cars marque from August 1988 to July 1993. A smaller G40 engine of identical design had earlier been installed in the Mk2 Volkswagen Polo GT G40 from August 1986 to July 1994.

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