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  • Wedding Toasts I'll Never Give


    Wedding Toasts I’ll Never Give is a memoir by Ada Calhoun about marriage. It was inspired by the success of her New York Times “Modern Love” column, “The Wedding Toast I’ll Never Give,” which the paper named one of its most-read stories of 2015. The book was released on May 16, 2017 by W. W. Norton & Company.

  • Toast (honor)


    Hip, Hip, Hurrah! by Danish painter P.S. Krøyer, 1888 A toast is a ritual in which a drink is taken as an expression of honor or goodwill. The term may be applied to the person or thing so honored, the drink taken, or the verbal expression accompanying the drink. Thus, a person could be "the toast of the evening", for whom someone "proposes a toast" to congratulate and for whom a third person "toasts" in agreement. The ritual forms the basis of the literary and performance genre, of which Mark Twain's "To the Babies" is a well-known example. The toast as described here is rooted in Western culture, but certain cultures outside that sphere have their own traditions in which consuming a drink is connected with ideas of celebration and honor. While the physical and verbal ritual of the toast may be elaborate and formal, merely raising one's glass towards someone or something and then drinking is essentially a toast as well, the message being one of goodwill towards the person or thing indicated.

  • Wedding reception


    Russia by Konstantin Makovsky Entertainment at an English wedding reception. The organisers have hired two opera singers to sing arias during the meal for the entertainment of the guests. The mother of the groom is being serenaded. Wedding dance of an Azerbaijani married couple A wedding reception is a party usually held after the completion of a marriage ceremony as hospitality for those who have attended the wedding, hence the name reception: the couple receive society, in the form of family and friends, for the first time as a married couple. Hosts provide their choice of food and drink, although a wedding cake is popular. Entertaining guests after a wedding ceremony is traditional in most societies, and can last anywhere from half an hour to many hours or even days. Most wedding receptions are made in the evening for dinner however, there are many different options. You can choose to have a luncheon, brunch, or even afternoon tea. Ultimately the married couple chooses the details and location, etc. of the reception. In some cultures, separate wedding celebrations are held for the bride's and groom's families. Before receptions – a social event that is structured around a receiving line, and usually held in the afternoon, with only light refreshments – became popular, weddings were more typically celebrated with wedding breakfasts (for those whose religious traditions encouraged morning weddings) and wedding balls (for those who were married in the evening). The popularity of receptions, rather than breakfasts, dinners, and balls, during the 20th century led to the name reception being applied to any social event after a wedding, whether it is brunch, tea, dinner, or a dance.

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