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  • Four-wheel drive


    The Jeep Wrangler is a 4WD vehicle with a transfer case to select low-range or high-range four-wheel driveFour-wheel drive, also called 4×4 ("four by four") or 4WD, refers to a two-axled vehicle drivetrain capable of providing torque to all of its wheels simultaneously. It may be full-time or on-demand, and is typically linked via a transfer case providing an additional output drive-shaft and, in many instances, additional gear ranges. A four-wheeled vehicle with torque supplied to both axles is described as "all-wheel drive" (AWD). However, "four-wheel drive" typically refers to a set of specific components and functions, and intended off-road application, which generally complies with modern use of the terminology.

  • Front-engine, four-wheel-drive layout


    F4 layout In automotive design, an F4, or Front-engine, Four-wheel drive layout places the internal combustion engine at the front of the vehicle and drives all four roadwheels. This layout is typically chosen for better control on many surfaces, and is an important part of rally racing as well as off-road driving. Most four-wheel-drive layouts are front-engined and are derivatives of earlier front-engine, rear-wheel-drive designs. This layout is also the drive train of choice for off-road pickup trucks and SUVs. It allows these vehicles to get the most traction without sacrificing precious cargo or passenger room. The center differential is often not present in these vehicles, meaning the 4WD system does not allow any difference in front and rear axle speeds. For normal road driving, these vehicles are shifted into 2WD mode, preventing damage to the transfer case; though full-time systems cannot go to 2WD mode.

  • All-wheel drive


    The Jeep Wrangler is a 4×4 four-wheel drive vehicle equipped with a low-range gearbox, which provides the driver with a selection between low range or high range gearing Hayes WHDX 70-170 6×6 tractor 8×8 tractor unit of the HETS heavy equipment transport system An all-wheel drive vehicle (AWD vehicle) is one with a powertrain capable of providing power to all its wheels, whether full-time or on-demand. The most common forms of all-wheel drive are: 4×4 (also, four-wheel drive and 4WD): Reflecting two axles with both wheels on each capable of being powered. 6×6 (also, six-wheel drive and 6WD): Reflecting three axles with both wheels on each capable of being powered.8×8 (also, eight-wheel drive and 8WD): Reflecting four axles with both wheels on each capable of being powered.Vehicles may be either part-time all-wheel drive or full-time: On-demand (also, part-time): One axle is permanently connected to the drive, the other is being connected as needed Full-time (also, permanent): All axles are permanently connected, with or without a differential.Independent : The wheels are driven, but not dependent on a transaxle.

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