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  • La Loma Foods


    La Loma Foods, formerly named Loma Linda Food Company and Loma Linda Foods, and with products presently branded under the name Loma Linda and Loma, is a former food manufacturing company that produced vegetarian and vegan foods. It is presently an active brand of vegetarian and vegan food products produced and purveyed by the Atlantic Natural Foods Company of Nashville, North Carolina. Loma Linda Foods began operations in 1905 under the name The Sanitarium Food Company and was owned by the Seventh-day Adventist Church until 1990.

  • List of vegetarian and vegan companies


    Meat analogue products at a Veganz store in Berlin, Germany|262x262px This is a list of vegetarian and vegan companies that do not use animal products or animal-based products in their goods. Such companies include food manufacturers, restaurants, and cosmetics companies, among others.

  • Nuteena


    A can of Nuteena, a vegetarian meat analogue made from peanuts, soy, corn, and rice flourNuteena was a vegetarian meat analogue made primarily from peanut meal, soy, corn, and rice flour. Its recipe was based on Nuttose, which John Harvey Kellogg (whose brother Will Keith Kellogg founded what is now Kellogg's) created in 1896 as the first American meat analog. Nuteena was especially popular among Seventh-day Adventists, many of whom choose to be vegetarian based on the health message promoted by their church.

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