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  • Holdsworth Motorhomes


    The Holdsworth Motorhomes Company was a UK-based campervan conversion company running from 1968 to the mid-1990s, founded by Richard Holdsworth. It was one of the first UK campervan conversion companies, developing to hold contracts with British Leyland for the Sherpa, and the first UK company to hold approval from Volkswagen. The company ran into increasing financial difficulty, and ceased trading after one deal left the business with a surplus of stock. In 1996 its major assets were sold to new investors under Cockburn Holdsworth, but this venture was short lived, with production ending in 1998.

  • Campervan hire agency


    A campervan hire agency is a specialist vehicle hire company which hires out campervans to customers. These campervans can be privately owned or company owned. Campervan hire is popular in the UK, especially for music festivals and there are several companies in the market. Campervan hire is a category of vacation rental.

  • Campervan


    A coachbuilt Fiat campervan A campervan (or camper van), sometimes referred to as a camper, or a caravanette, is a self-propelled vehicle that provides both transport and sleeping accommodation. The term mainly describes vans that have been fitted out, often with a coachbuilt body for use as accommodation.

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