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  • Whitetail Sales & Service


    Whitetail Sales & Service has been in the Whitetail Industry since 2000, and has run a very successful Deer Farm, Auction Company, and Farm Supply Store. Along with those 3 divisions of our company, we also offer whitetail consultation for your farm; whether it is for your breeding program, deer facilities, or marketing program, we can help!

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    Whitetail Auction Service, Whitetail Deer Farm, and Whitetail Sales & Supplies are divisions of Whitetail Sales & Service, LLC. The information contained herein is not guaranteed, including current Bucks, Bred Does and Semen for sale, as well as Auction Information. All farm and veterinary supplies in the online store are not guaranteed to be ...

  • BuckTrader - Whitetail Deer for Sale | Exotic Animals for Sale


    BuckTrader is committed to helping you locate the right deer, whitetail, exotic animal, buck, semen, axis, or doe for you ranch or farm. BuckTrader - Whitetail Deer for Sale | Exotic Animals for Sale Jump to navigation

  • Summit Whitetails & Exotics - Whitetail Deer for Sale in Texas


    At Summit Whitetails and Exotics we raise and breed trophy whitetail deer and exotics. We have many types of whitetail deer for sale, including: breeder bucks, bred does, stocker bucks and ranch-release deer.If you are a breeder or ranch owner looking to enhance your herd's genetics, we can help.

  • Whitetail Deer Antlers for sale | eBay


    <p>Up for sale is a Great whitetail deer scoring in at 152 3/4”. Just an all around great looking deer with great color and a look that everyone dreams of in a big Whitetail buck! Check out those matching split eye guards! The G2s measure 8 5/8” and 8 3/4”. Inside spread is 17 1/2”. Main beams measure 22 7/8” and 21 7/8”.

  • D M Ranch Whitetails – Quality Whitetail Deer


    D M Ranch Whitetails. Founded By Don Green and Mark Schweers. D M Ranch Whitetails is a Texas whitetail breeder producing top quality deer for breeders and stockers. Don and Mark has been in the ranching, construction and helicopter business for over 40 years serving South Texas. Deer For Sale

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