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  • 400-Mile Sale


    The 400-Mile Yard Sale, sometimes referred to as the Highway 68 Yard Sale, is an outdoor second-hand sale held annually for four days, beginning in the first weekend of June. It takes place along U.S. Route 68 (US 68) in the US state of Kentucky. It is held in almost all areas along the US 68 corridor from the east side of Paducah through central Kentucky, and ending at Maysville.

  • U.S. Route 127


    U.S. Route 127 (US 127) is a north–south U.S. Highway in the eastern half of the United States. The southern terminus of the route is at US 27 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The northern terminus is at Interstate 75 (I-75) near Grayling, Michigan. Since 1987, it has been the core of the annual World's Longest Yard Sale, also known as the Highway 127 Corridor Sale (127 Yard Sale), which now stretches from Addison, Michigan, to Gadsden, Alabama. The sale, held every August, was started to demonstrate that the older U.S. Highway System has something to offer that the Interstate Highway System does not. In Michigan, US 127 tripled in length in 2002 at the expense of its parent, US 27.

  • Garage sale


    Garage sale in northern California Diverse items bought at a moving sale held in Boise, Idaho A garage sale (also known as a yard sale, tag sale, moving sale and by many other names) is an informal event for the sale of used goods by private individuals, in which sellers are not required to obtain business licenses or collect sales tax (though, in some jurisdictions, a permit may be required). Typically the goods in a garage sale are unwanted items from the household with its owners conducting the sale. The conditions of the goods vary, but they are usually usable. Some of these items are offered for sale because the owner does not want or need the item to minimize their possessions or to raise funds. Popular motivations for a garage sale are for "spring cleaning," moving or earning extra money. The seller's items are displayed to the passers-by or those responding to signs, flyers, classified ads or newspaper ads. In some cases, local television stations will broadcast a sale on a local public channel. The venue at which the sale is conducted is typically a garage; other sales are conducted at a driveway, carport, front yard or inside a house.

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