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  • Wreck Racing


    Wreck Racing LogoWreck Racing is a Georgia Tech automotive competition team, based in the Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering. The team is composed of undergraduate and graduate students from the various schools within GA Tech and is based in the Student Competition Center on the North edge of Tech's Atlanta campus. The team's main focus is in the design, fabrication, testing, and racing of production-based sports cars. Wreck Racing primarily competes in the Grassroots Motorsports Annual Challenge, but also has competed in local SCCA and BMWCCA events.

  • MV Cougar Ace


    The MV Cougar Ace is a Singapore-flagged roll-on/roll-off car carrier vessel. The Cougar Ace was built by Kanasashi Co., of Toyohashi, Japan and launched in June 1993. Specifications cite a length of 199m, draft of 9.72m, beam of 32.26m and a maximum speed of . Her Gross Tonnage is 55,328. She is owned by Mitsui O.S.K. Lines. On May 4, 2005, Cougar Ace delivered 5,214 automobiles at the Fraser River wharves in Richmond, British Columbia. This set a Canadian record for the most vehicles offloaded from a single ship.

  • Getting Any?


    is a 1995 Japanese film, written, directed, edited, and starring, Japanese filmmaker Takeshi Kitano.Yatteru (やってる) is the colloquial form for yatteiru (やっている), yatteru coming from the Japanese verb yaru, which is an informal word meaning 'to do', and has become slang for sexual intercourse.Getting Any? is best described as a sex comedy movie. It showed Beat Takeshi, originally a very popular manzai performer, returning to his comedic roots. The movie features an Airplane!-like assemblage of comedic scenes centering on a Walter Mitty-type character whose obsession is to have sex. The film met with little acclaim in Japan where its release was barely noticed. The film maker confessed in 2003 (while in production for Zatoichi), that Getting Any? was one of his three favourite movies among the ten he had directed by that time. According to him, this work was the basis for many of the movies that followed, including the acclaimed Hana-bi, as it features all his recurrent themes plus its shares of violence and sorrow. According to Kitano, his purpose in this movie was to laugh at his own gags, to make a mockery of them.

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