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  • YMCA Aquatic Center


    YMCA Aquatic Center OrlandoThe Rosen YMCA Aquatic Center located in Orlando, Florida is one of the largest indoor competitive swimming facilities in the southeastern USA with a 50 meter by 25 yard natatorium, a separate 25 meter by 25 yard diving well and a 25 yard teaching pool. It features a first of its kind hydraulically retractable roof. The facility also incorporates a workout/ wellness center, martial arts center, and racquetball courts. Considered a very fast pool it has been the site of many national and international swimming competitions. Numerous world and American records have been set over the years at the facility by Pablo Morales, Janet Evans, Matt Biondi, Tom Jager, Dara Torres and others.

  • National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority


    The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) is a government regulatory agency that controls the prices of pharmaceutical drugs in India.It was formed on 29 August 1997.

  • Boston Young Men's Christian Association


    The Boston Young Men's Christian Association (also known as "YMCA of Greater Boston") was founded in 1851 in Boston, Massachusetts, as the first American chapter of the YMCA.

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