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    Cruising Your Zodiac boat features comfortable seating, large sunbathing areas and all the equipment required for relaxation and excursions. Diving Benefit from the legendary Zodiac buoyancy to carry equipment and passengers to your favorite spots in record time! Board Sports Agile and responsive, your Zodiac boat is ideal for all action sports.

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    Zodiac Inflatable Boats have been the best performing boats for decades. Since the 1930's Zodiac's inflatables have been unsurpassed. They were used by Jacques Cousteau in the 1960's during his documentary efforts and have become ubiquitous since. They produce an inflatable for every type of boater, from basic dinghies to deluxe tenders to ...

  • Zodiac Inflatable Boats


    Zodiac is the World's oldest and original inflatable boat manufacturer with over 100 years of technological development in boat design and material science. Featuring patented designs and materials Zodiac leads the pack in performance, stability, comfort, and seaworthiness. With boats for every need and at prices for every budget you can afford ...

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