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  • SpeechEasy - The World's Smallest Anti-Stuttering Device


    1 Contact Us. Call, email or live chat and we’ll help answer your questions and get you in touch with your closest SpeechEasy Provider. Our friendly staff is here to help!. 2 Try SpeechEasy. Work with your Provider to determine if SpeechEasy is right for you. They will guide you through the evaluation process and make sure you receive top-notch, quality care.

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    Get your Speak For Less device now, and control your speech. Home. How It Works. Devices. Try Before You Buy. More. More. Log In. Cutting edge technology. To help you speak freely, without hesitation. Learn More. Stuttering may be affecting you. From not being able to say a word to missing out on all the fun, stuttering. impacts all aspects of ...

  • Electronic Devices, Software and Apps | Stuttering ...


    Note: The Stuttering Foundation of America does not warrant the efficacy of these devices nor guarantee their treatment in any way. This page is here for your information only. Appearing on this page is NOT an endorsement by the Stuttering Foundation. SpeechEasy - $2,500 - $4,500 Janus Development Group, Inc. 112 Staton Road Greenville, NC 27834

  • Electronic fluency device - Wikipedia


    Electronic fluency devices (also known as assistive devices, electronic aids, altered auditory feedback devices and altered feedback devices) are electronic devices intended to improve the fluency of persons who stutter.Most electronic fluency devices change the sound of the user's voice in his or her ear.

  • Stutter Stop: the device to eliminate stutter. Stuttering cure


    Stuttering treatment - an effective speech device: StutterStop is an assistive anti-stuttering DEVICE that looks like a trendy mp3-player already helped many people who stutter - it helped them to speak fluently from the first time they used it.

  • SmallTalk DAF/FAF anti-stuttering device - Casa Futura ...


    Using the device gave immediate fluency, the confidence and the feedback that I could really speak without stuttering. I used the device on a regular basis and discovered that a lot of stuttering is a "learned behavior" (habit) that creates needless fear of speaking. The unit allows me to comfortable slow my rate of speaking, actually hear my ...

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