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    Rop Classes or Rop Courses to help Adult learning. These classes are California based regions like Orange County, Escondido, Victorville, San Diego, Riverside.

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    ROP for Adults To prepare adult students with relevant, high quality career training to secure sustainable employment and advancement. The Program's Goals are to:

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    CRY-ROP provides quality, hands-on career training programs in more than 40 high-demand career fields to assist high school students and adults in acquiring marketable job skills. Course content is validated by local business advisory committees, reflecting current industry standards, and approved by the ROP's Governing Board.

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    The primary concept of ROP classes is to provide older teenagers and adults with career preparation or a technical education that can be utilized in the job market. Depending on the demand of the labor market, you may find that some courses will be available tuition-free.

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    Regional Occupational Program. We are committed to providing the best hands-on learning experiences to high school, jr. high school, and adult students in North Orange County to develop skills using industry-approved curriculum that is relevant in today's economy.

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    Check out the Adult Medical Assistant commercial and see how you can begin your pathway to success in the medical field! previous featured content. Latest News. ... Regional Occupational Program. Career Training Center 1501 S. Bon View Avenue Ontario, CA 91761 909-947-3400. Please contact webmaster for any broken links or pages.

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